Attitude Towards Others
Set an example, and treat others the way you would like to be treated. Leaders who are abusive rarely attract followers, and you also want your followers to treat others well.

Promote a Vision
Effective leaders need to let their followers know what the goals and visions are, and why they are important.

Tips from the Best Practices Session: Monday, November 20th, 2006

What Do Effective Leaders Do?

1. Good communication
2. Encourage their subordinates
3. Inspire and motivate others
4. Are confident and driven individuals
5. Inspire a vision
6. Are role models to others
7. Hold accountability for actions
8. Collaborate
9. Are chameleons-change their leadership style to match the situation (change their hats)
10. Are ethical, and encourage their subordinates to be ethical

Other Leadership Tips

1. Use activities to set goals
2. Use activities to get everyone together.
3. Identify each others' strengths.
4. Discuss role expectations.
5. Develop a shared vision.
6. Open discussion, get people comfortable.
7. Help diffuse tension.
8. Understand dynamics/placement.
9. Opportunity for people to develop skills.
10. Having only one speaker is ineffective.
11. Need input from everyone.
12. Define what "finishing well" is.
13. Find a safe way for quieter individuals to speak up.

Team-Building Activities Notes: What Did You Learn About Leadership?

1. What is expected of us.
2. First answer isn't always the best.
3. Even though we were diverse, we accomplished the goal.
4. If we believe in leader/goal, we remain motivated to achieve.
5. Always necessary to explore/consider what role we should play.
6. Re-emphasize need for team-building.
7. Celebrate accomplishments.
8. Be a chameleon!
9. We grow and change as a leader.